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Penns Valley

Little League Softball



Constitution (By-Laws)


Standard Operational Procedures









Approval Date


Type of Update

Amendment Description




Initial document creation


4. 3


The President may manage, coach or umpire provided he/she does not serve on the Protest Committee nor serve as Tournament team manager or coach.


4. 6


The League organizes its teams into the following Divisions:

· Mini League (7and 8 years of "league age")

· Minor League (9 and 10 years of "league age")

· Major League (11and 12 years of "league age")


4. 3


Board members should be present for each scheduled, monthly meeting. If a board member misses more than 2 of these meetings in that given year, their position on the Board will be vacated, and the President will appoint someone to fill the vacated office for the remainder of the year until the annual meeting elections are held.


5. 2


Registration is typically held on the 2nd” and “3rd” Sunday of the month of



5. 2


The Player Registration Fee is $30.00 for the Mini Level, $40.00 for all other divisions. Each additional child is still $15. 00.





Approved that all Girls that will turn 7 years of age by September of the Playing Year will be eligible to play Mini/Pee Wee Softball.

All other Age Requirements Majors and Minors play will follows those set forth by Little League.




Approved that the President can Manage an All-Star team with a Waiver from District 5 approval.




Approved that all Age-Eligible 7th Graders can participate in Little League.




Established new criteria to be able to become eligible to become a league officer based on league membership. League membership can be established by attending 6 or more meetings, coaching, or other approved affiliation with the league.







Table of Contents

1        Name. 5

2        DocumentScope. 5

3        ObjectiveIMissionStatement. 5

4        OrganizationalStructure. 5

4.1         LeagueStructure. 5

4.2         Jurisdiction. 6

4.3         BoardofDirectors/Officers. 6

4.4         Managers / Coaches. 7

4.5         Players. 7

4.6         Teams. 7

4.7         Umpires. 7

4.8         Other Committees. 8

5        Events. 8

5.1         General Meetings. 8

5.2         Registration. 9

5.3         Team / Roster Establishment 9

5.4         Equipment Distribution. 10

5.5         Schedules. 10

5.6         Games. 10

5.7         Post-Season "Special Days" & League Tournaments. 11

5.7.1     Minor & Major League Tournaments. 11

5.8         All Stars. 12

5.8.1          Manager Selection Process. 12

5.8.2          PlayerITeamSelectionProcess. 12

5.8.3          CoachSelection Process. 13

5.8.4          Administrative Processes. 13

5.9         Post-SeasonMeeting. 13

5.10      OtherEvents. 14

6        Rules&Regulations. 14

6.1         SpecialLeagueRules. 14

6.2         CodeofConduct 15

6.3         ComplaintForm.. 16

7        FinancialandAccounting. 16

Appendix A      League Boundaries. 17

Appendix B      Request for Sub-League Transfer Form.. 19

Appendix C      Code of Conduct. 20

Appendix D      Yearly Activity Schedule. 21

Appendix E       Registration Announcement Example. 22

Appendix F       Player Draft Process. 23

Appendix G      Equipment Distribution List. 24

Appendix H      4 Team Bracket. 25

Appendix I        5 Team Bracket. 26

Appendix J       6  Team Bracket. 27

Appendix K      Minor/Major League Tournament Preparation. 27

Appendix L       Complaint Form.. 28














1         Name

The organization shall be known as Penns Valley Little League Softball, here in after referred to as the "League". 

2         Document Scope

This document contains the Constitutional By-Laws and Standard Operating Procedures used to guide the
organization and execution of  the League. 

3         Objective I Mission Statement

The League shall provide a supervised program under the Rules and Regulations of Little League Softball,
Incorporated so as to:

•       Teach participants the fundamentals of organized youth softball. 

•       Promote good sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, loyalty, courage and respect for authority. 

•       Foster well adjusted, stronger and happier children that can grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens. 

•       Promote the molding of future citizens as primary and the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or Winning games as secondary. 

•       Ensure that no participants are ever discriminated against due to race, color, creed, sex or religion. 

•       Make every effort to accommodate those with disabilities through either structured participation or arrangement for. 

4         Organizational Structure

The League is affiliated with little League Softball, Incorporated and shall apply for charter on an annual basis. 

Any person sincerely interested in active participation to further the objective of the League may apply to become
a member. 

The League shall follow all suggested guidelines from Little League Softball, Incorporated pertaining to
background investigations and clearances of all of its participants. 

4.1      League Structure

The League is comprised of the following individual Teams based on registration and geographical boundaries:

•      Millheim

•      Rebersburg

•      Spring Mills

•      Aaronsburg

•      Coburn

•      Centre Hall

Each team will operate under the guidelines of this document, while ensuring  that the constitution of the League is
adhered to. 

The League will provide insurance on all players, managers, coaches, and other active persons affiliated with the League. 

4.2      Jurisdiction

The League jurisdiction is defined  to be the same geographical region of the Penns Valley Area School District as
indicated by the map in Appendix  A: League Boundaries. 

4.3      Board of Directors/Officers

The League shall be comprised of a Board of Directors for which the following guidelines shall apply:

·         At a Post-Season meeting, the League shall elect from its own membership a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, hereinafter referred to as the "Board". 

·         The Election / Officer Eligibility Process – Established 4/16/2015

1)     Eligibility to become an officer must be established through becoming a league member. The following establishes and individual as a league member: a) attend half of the leagues yearly meetings b) Participate as a coach within the calendar year c) Or, other approved affiliation with the league such as Webmaster.

2)     You also must meet these eligibility requirements be eligible to vote in officer elections.

3)     Prior to any election the individual must announce its interest in a board position that is open to the board prior to the election meeting so eligibility can be established.

·         Duties for Elected Positions:

o    Duties for the President include, but are not limited to: attending District meetings and League meetings, process volunteer applications through Lexis Nexis, uphold the by-laws and maintain the rules, run the monthly meetings, be the person of contact regarding all matters that may need addressed

o    Duties for the Vice-President include, but are not limited to: should the President not be available, the Vice-President will assume the roles of the President, the President may also delegate any duties unto the Vice-President when need assisted

o    Duties for the Secretary include, but are not limited to: read meeting minutes from previous meeting to those in attendance at monthly board meetings, take notes at the monthly board meetings, forward them to the President so they can be uploaded to our website, print a hard copy to be placed in a binder for future reference

o    Duties for the Treasurer include, but are not limited to: keeping the check book in balance, give a monthly report of finances at monthly board meetings

•       Refer to official Little League, Incorporated documentation for a detailed description of the Roles Responsibilities of the Board. 

•       The aforementioned officers will hold office for two year terms, but may be eligible for re-election. 

•       The government of the League shall be under the direct supervision of the President and the Board. 

•       All matters concerning the policy of the League shall be decided by vote of the Board, and no motion shall be carried without favorable vote from the majority of the members of the Board. 

•       No member of the Board can hold more than one office at a time. 

•       The President shall not simultaneously hold the position of Manager of a team in the League, but is allowed to hold the position of Coach.  – (Amended)

•       Should a vacancy occur on the Board, the President will appoint someone to fill the vacated office for the remainder of the year until the annual meeting elections are held.

•       Should the President vacate his/her office, the Vice President shall take over for the remainder of the year until the annual meeting elections are held. 

4.4      Managers / Coaches

•       Individuals interested in being a Manager should make this known to their respective Team.   Once a League (Mini, Minor and Major) knows how many teams it will have at each level, a manager will be selected for each Team. 

•       All Managers and Coaches of each team must then be approved by the Board of the League. 

•       Responsibility of the Manager to collect ALL pants and belts at the conclusion of the last game of the season; and return to Board. 

•       Refer to official Little League, Incorporated documentation for a detailed description of the Roles & Responsibilities of Managers and Coaches. 

4.5      Players

Any child meeting the following requirements shall be eligible for active membership in the League:

•       Age requirements as set forth by Little League Softball, Inc. 

•       (Amended) – All Age-Eligible 7th Graders can participate in Penns Valley Little League Softball.

•       Residency requirements as set forth by the League and defined in Appendix a: League Boundaries. 

4.6      Teams

The number of teams in the League varies each year based on the number of active players in that year. 

·            The League organizes its teams into the following Divisions:

o    Minor League (7, 8 and 9 Years of  Age) – Amended to Little League age specifications

-Players League Age 7 to 11 (12 with waiver) are eligible for Minor League Play

o    Major League (10,11 and12 Years of Age) – Amended to Little League age specifications

-Players League Age 9 to 12 are eligible for Major League Play

·            The individual teams are not required to pay any team fees to the League.  The only team fees that exist are paid by the League to Little League, Incorporated as part of the Annual Charter process. 

·            Teams are assigned names to be used on schedules and uniforms. 

4.7      Umpires

·            Umpires used by the League do not have to be Little League, incorporated accredited umpires, but where such umpires are available, their engagement is encouraged. 

·            Umpires are utilized for all Minor and Major League Division games. 

·            The Board is responsible for engaging the Home Plate Umpire for all home games played at their site. 

·            Umpire fees will be a set rate of $25.00 per game.  Fees are subject to change contiguity on how many umpires are used per game (home plate vs.  base umpires) and inflation from year to year (travel expense, gas, etc.). 

·            The board may opt to design a team Umpire Coordinator.  The Coordinator will be responsible for scheduling of umpires for the entire season.  Payment for umpires will be arranged through the League Account upon the discretion of the Board. 

·            A Home Plate Umpire is granted the authority by the League to dismiss any Player Coach and/or Spectator from the premise for not abiding by the League Code of Conduct as defined in Appendix C: Code of Conduct. 

4.8      Other Committees

Besides the groups called out under the “Organization Structure” of the League, there are often other groups and/or committees formed to address specific needs of the League or any of its teams such as (but not limited to any of the following):

o   Concession Stand Operations

o   Umpire Coordinator

o   Tournament Operations

o   Field Maintenance Coordinator

o   Fundraiser Coordinator

5         Events

There are numerous events throughout the year that support both the administrative operations of the League as well as the execution of the actual season.  This section highlights those events and describes the timing, requirements and expectations for each. 

For a timeline summary of the activities that need to take place throughout the year, refer to Appendix D: Yearly Activity Schedule. 

5.1      General Meetings

The League shall hold general meetings throughout the year under the following guidelines:

·         Public meetings shall be conducted in January of each year and optionally each month thereafter as scheduled by the President. 

·         The January meeting constitutes the Pre-Season meeting which a vote shall be taken on all Constitutional Amendments rose at the Post-Season meetings. 

·         As many as two meetings a month may be held during the playing season, if required, to deal with Administrative matters, evaluate team, progress, players, etc. 

·         A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting and a majority vote of those present (Board and Members) shall govern. 

·         All meetings shall be opened with a Financial Report depicting all incoming funds and outgoing expenditures since the last meeting. 

5.2      Registration

The first major event of the year for the League is the Player Registration at which time players make themselves eligible to play in the upcoming season by appearing with their parents or guardians to provide some key information such as Name, Address, Age, etc.  The following points describe the Player Registration process for the League:

·         The Board shall set the dates for Player Registration. 

·         Registration is typically held on the last Thursday and Saturday of the month of January. 

·         Registration is typically announced via the following mechanisms:

o    Upcoming Events in the Sports Section of the Centre Daily Times

o    E-mail sent to all Parents & Guardians from the previous season

o    Penns Valley Grapevine

o    Penns Valley Little League Softball Facebook Page

·         All players (old and new) must register each year. 

·         All players must show proof of age and residency at time of registration. 

·         The Player Registration Fee structure is as follows:

o    All Other Divisions- $25.00

o    Each Additional Child - $15.00

·         The Player Registration Fees are used to cover the following annual costs:

·         No player shall ever be turned away due to inability to cover the cost of the Registration Fee. 

·         Players applying for late registration will be accepted by discretion of the Board. 

·         The Board has the right to make any special arrangements. 

·         No refund of registration fees will be granted after uniforms are ordered for players. 

5.3      Team / Roster Establishment

Once registration is complete, each Team will be established according to registration numbers at each level. 

·         Players can be moved between Divisions, within the guidelines of Little League, Inc.  And if consent is obtained from the parents or guardians of the players impacted, in order to create teams that do not have too few or too many players

·         If a team is having difficulty obtaining an acceptable balance of players across its teams, the League Board can take action that may have an impact on players from other teams. 

·         Prior to allocating players to a team, a Manager should be assigned to the team, per the guidelines described in Section 4.  4 - Managers/ Coaches. 

·         Each Manager shall identify one Coach prior to player allocation to his/her team. 

·         The Board shall identify a second Coach after player allocation to his/her team. 

·         If enough players exist within a certain Division such that more than one team will exist at that Division, then that Sub-League shall conduct a draft according to the guidelines outlined in Appendix F: Player Draft Process. 

5.4      Equipment Distribution

The League will provide each Team with the necessary equipment, for the safety and well-being of each player. 

·         All equipment should be checked for safety prior to distribution. 

·         The distribution of all equipment should be tracked through an Equipment Distribution List to be signed by each Manager upon receipt of the equipment.  Refer to Appendix G: Equipment Distribution List for an example. 

·         A Manager shall immediately report any lost, stolen or damaged equipment to the Board. 

·         All equipment shall be returned by the Manage at the end of each season. 

·         The Board has the authority to institute a policy that requires the Manager to reimburse the League for any equipment signed for on the original Equipment Distribution list that is not returned at the conclusion of the season and was not immediately reported as missing or stolen at the time of its disappearance during the season. 

5.5      Schedules

The following are guidelines to follow when creating the League Schedules:

·         The Board shall appoint either a single person or a committee to oversee creation of the League Schedules for all of the Divisions (Mini, Minor, Major). 

·         Inter-League games are permissible at the Minor and Major League Divisions and must be worked into the League Schedule in accordance with the other guidelines in this section. 

·         Note: For Inter-League play, Little League, Inc. requires certain processes to be followed.  Refer to Little League, Inc. documentation for details. 

·         The League Schedules should adhere to the timing guidelines as much as possible:

o    Minor League               2nd week of April through2nd week of June   (14 games)

o    Major League               2nd week of April through 2nd Week of June (16 games)

·         All efforts should be made to provide each team with an equal number of Home and Away games. 

·         If games are scheduled which coincide with school events, holidays, or any other community events, the teams should discuss rescheduling and agree on a mutually agreeable date. If the teams are unable to come up with an amicable solution, the President will reschedule the game in accordance with field availability. 

·         Special Games –Managers may schedule Special Games as long as the games do not interfere with scheduled League games. The President is to be notified of all Special Games. The Manager should verify that afield is available prior to scheduling any Special Game. 

·         The League has the right to accept or reject all tournament offers. 

·         The League, if it desires, has the right to conduct Team Tournaments. The individual Teams also have a right to conduct Team Tournaments per the approval of the League Board. 

5.6      Games

When preparing for and conduct in games, the following guide lines should be followed:

·         The Home team is responsible for preparation of the playing field by ensuring that the field is drug, base lines are marked, and the playing surface is free of any debris. 

·         The Home team is responsible for providing the Home Plate umpire (Refer4.  7Umpires). 

·         The Visiting team is encouraged to provide the Base umpire. In the event one cannot be provided, the Home team will assist to identify one (Refer4. 7Umpires). 

·         In the event of a rainout, it is the responsibility of the Manager of the Home team to do the following:

o    Notify the Manager of the Visiting team of the rainout

o    Notify the Home Plate Umpire of the rainout

o    Work with the Manager of the Visiting team to re-schedule the game

o    Arrange for a Home Plate Umpire for there –scheduled game

·         All equipment shall remain inside or directly outside (against the fence) of the dugout during the game. 

5.7      Post-Season "Special Days"& League Tournaments

At the end of the regular season for each Division, a special event is held as described in the sub-sections that follow.

5.7.1    Minor & Major League Tournaments

·         The Minor and Major League Tournaments are held in parallel on the same weekend at the end of the regular season.

·         The tournaments are to start on a Wednesday or Thursday and run through Sunday so as to ensure that each team plays no more than 3 games per day. 

·         The tournaments are to be scheduled at the beginning of the year by the League Board after the League Schedules are known.  Every attempt will be made to allow a few days of practice time between the end of the League Schedules and the start of the League Tournaments, but this cannot be guaranteed as there may be make-up games still to be played. 

·         An alphabetical rotation mechanism is  utilized through the Inter-League with respect to hosting the League Tournaments (For example ,if  Bald Eagle Area hosts in  2011, then Bellefonte would host in  2012 ,followed by Mifflin County in  2013, Penns  Valley in  2014 and State College in  2015.  It would then cycle back to Bald Eagle Area in 2016).

·         Each player from the top three place winners of the tournament will receive awards.

·         The Regular Season League Champions will each receive a team trophy to be presented to them immediately following their last tournament game. 

·         The League is responsible for the following:

o    Establishment of the Brackets (see Appendix H: 4 Team Bracket, Appendix I: 5 Team Bracket or Appendix J: 6 Team Bracket for examples of double-elimination tournament brackets). 

o    Establishment of any Special Rules and communication of these to all teams. 

o    Purchase on new Softballs. 

o    Purchase of Awards.

o    Payment of Umpires. 

·         The Hosting Team is responsible for the following:

o    Arrangements for Umpires. 

o    Preparation of the fields prior to each game. 

o    Arrangement for Concessions. 

·         Refer to Appendix K: Minor/ Major League Tournament Preparation for details about execution of each of the League and Hosting Team responsibilities listed above. 

5.8      All Stars

Post season All Star teams can be formed for the Minor and Major League Divisions in accordance with the rules and regulations of Little League Softball, Inc. The following sections outline the processes used by the League when forming these teams at each Division. 

5.8.1    Manager Selection Process

·         The All-Star Manager must currently be on the roster as a Manager or Coach of a team at any leve lin the League for the current season. 

·         Anyone interested in being a Manager must make their interests known to the Board. 

·         Every Manager and Coach votes for whom they would like to manage the All-Star team at the Division for which they manage or coach. 

·         If a Manager cannot be identified through the above process, then a volunteer is asked to step forward. Such individual need not have been a Manager or Coach of a team during the current season. The Board just needs to approve said individual.

·         (Amended) – The League President can manage an All-Star team with a waiver approved by District 5.

5.8.2    Player/Team Selection Process

·         Each Manager from each team meets to form a list of the players that they all agree should be invited to try out for the postseason All-Star team.

·         Invitations are extended to each player through their respective manager.

·         Tryout/Practice dates are established and announced to those players that have indicated they would like to tryout.

·         All of the managers agree on the format of the tryouts and the role that each will play during such tryouts.  It is encouraged to solicit the help of the coaches as well.

·         Upon conclusion of the tryouts, each player should be informed as to whether or not they have been selected for the team. Discretion should be used so as to not cause embarrassment to any player.

·         It is highly recommended that 2 or 3 players be selected as alternates. Such alternates would not be listed on the official roster given to Little League Softball, Inc. for district play and beyond, but these players would be eligible to participate in any local tournaments entered after elimination from Little League tournament play.

·         No additional “B" Level All-Star team can be formed without the approval of the Board and such team cannot be formed until the process above has been completed to form the primary All-Star team.

·         It should be noted that a player’s age determines the lowest division of play at which a player may try out for.  In other words, a 9-year-old player would normally try out for the Minor Division (7-9) All-Star team, but is certainly entitled to try out for the Major Division (10-12) All-Star team if she so desires.  By the same token, a10 year old can play at the Major Division all season, but elect to try out for the Minor Division (7-9) All-Star team.

5.8.3    Coach Selection Process

·         Each Coach must currently be on the roster as a Manager or Coach of a team at any level in the League for the current season.

·         The tournament team Manager shall inform other Managers and Coaches that there are 2 Coaches positions to be filled on said All-Star team.

·         The Manager extends invitations to those individuals he/she would like to have as a Coach until both slots are filled.

·         If a Coach cannot be identified, then a volunteer is asked to step forward. Such individual need not have been a Manager or Coach of a team during the current season. The Board just needs to approve said individual.

5.8.4    Administrative Processes

·         An appointed official from the Board will work with the Managers to ensure all processes and paperwork required by Little League Softball, Inc. is adhered to.

·         The Board will acquire uniforms for each team as follows:

o    Jersey (requirement) with pants and belt(optional)

·         The League shall cover the costs of uniforms for all primary All-Star teams, as well as any additional “B" level All-Star team.

·         Players are periled to keep hats, shirts and socks. Pants and belts must be returned.

·         It is the responsibility of the Manager to collect all Pants and Belts at the conclusion of the All-Star season and return them to the League.

5.9      Post-Season Meeting

The League shall hold a public Post-Season Meeting in the fall of each year in order to accomplish the following:

·         Review all complaints that were formally logged throughout the season to determine if any changes are required.

·         Evaluate the good and bad of the previous season.

·         Propose any suggested changes to the Constitutional By-Laws outlined in this document so as to get these changes on the table for discussion and consideration for approval at the Pre-Season meeting held in January of the next year.

·         Make nominations, accept nominations and vote on nominations for each position of the Board (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) so as to put the new board in place for the upcoming season.

5.10    Other Events

In addition to the entire League events described herein, there are other permissible events that each team often
needs to conduct.  Some examples are:

·         Field Days

·         Picture Day

·         Fund Raisers

·                   Equipment and supply purchases

6         Rules & Regulations

The official Playing Rules and Regulations as published by Little League Softball, Inc. shall be binding to the League.


6.1      Special League Rules

While adhering to the Rules and Regulations of Little League Softball, Inc. the League has some "special" rules of its own which apply in addition to those from Little League. These "special” League rules are as follows:

·         No admission shall be charged to any League game; however, voluntary contributions are permitted.

·         There is a Must Play Rule for all Divisions which states that every player must play 6 consecutive outs in the field and have 1 at bat in each game. In the event that a player does not meet these playing requirements in a given game, then that player must start the next game and play 12 consecutive outs in the field and have 2 at bats before he/she is allowed to be removed from the game.

·         If a player is being disciplined, the Manager must inform the opposing team before the start of the game and the Must Play rule is waived.  If a player has been removed from the roster for 2 consecutive games due to disciplinary reasons, the Board must be notified to determine if disciplinary actions need to be taken with respect to the player. 

·         The following “special” rules apply to the Minor and Major League Divisions:

o    A player from the Minor League Division may only be brought up to play in a regular season Major League Division game to support a shortage of players a maximum of 2 times during the season.

o    The batting order shall be consistent with the current Official Little League Rulebook, however, an "EH" (Extra Hitter) may be used within the Major League Division for League games. An EH for Inter-League Games will be determined from year to year.

o    The League Championship is determined by the following rules to be evaluated in the order listed below until a determination of a champion can be made:

1.     The team with the best record is crowned the League Champion. 

If Inter-League play has taken place, those games are only counted if every team in the Division played the same Inter-League teams the same number of times; otherwise, only the Penns Valley League games are counted. 

2.     If best records are identical, then head to head competition determines the League Champion. 

3.     If results of head to head competition are equivalent, then runs scored in head to head competition determine the League Champion. 

4.     If all is still equal at this point, then the two teams are crowned Co-Champions of the League. 

6.2      Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that all events and actions associated with the League are conducted in such a way so as to fully support the objectives and mission of the League, a Code of Conduct has been adopted and will been forced As follows:

·         All Officers, Parents, Guardians, Managers, Coaches, Players, Umpires, Spectators and any other individuals associated with the League must adhere to all guidelines outlined in Appendix C:  Code of Conduct.

·         Every Player and Parent or Guardian of that Player must sign the Code of Conduct form before being allowed to participate each season.

·         Any suspected infractions should be brought to the attention of the Board for review by completing and
submitting the Complaint Form from Appendix L:  Complaint Form.

·         Any violation of the Code of Conduct may result in one of the following rights to be exercised by the Board:

o    The Board, by 2/3 vote of those present at any duly constituted Board meeting, shall have the authority to discipline or suspend or terminate the membership of any Officer, Parent, Guardian, Manager, Coach, Umpire or Spectator when the conduct of such person is considered detrimental to the best interests of the League and/or Little League Softball, Inc. The individual and/or individuals involved shall be notified of such meeting, informed of the general nature of the charges and given an opportunity to appear at the meeting to defend such charges.

o    The Board shall, in case of a Player, give notice to the Manager for the team for which the player is listed on the roster. Said manager shall appear, in the capacity of an adviser, with the player
before the Board or a duly appointed committee of the Board. The player's parent(s) or legal guardian(s) may also be present. The Board shall have full power to suspend or revoke such players rights to future participation by 2/3 vote of those present at any duly constituted meeting.

6.3      Complaint Form

In order to ensure that any issues are handled appropriately, the League provides a process for complaints to be and dealt with as follows:

·         If any Player, Parent or Guardian, Manager, Coach, Umpire or any other member associated with the League has an issue that they would like to see dealt with, the Complaint Form from Appendix L:  Complaint Form should be completed and submitted to the Board for review.

·         Upon receipt of a complaint, the Board will review and determine whether or not any action needs to be taken.

·         The Board reserves the right to request that a Team deal with the issue if it makes sense to handle at that level. The Team shall follow the same process outlined in this section.

·         The Board reserves the right to call a meeting at which attendance of the submitter of the issue and/or any other individuals mentioned in the complaint may be requested. If the submitter of the issue refuses to attend such meeting, the Board is not required to take any action; however, such issue will be recorded and noted.

·         The Board will provide written feedback to the submitter of an issue indicating what, if any, action will be taken.

7         Financial and Accounting

The following guidelines apply to the fiscal management of the League:

·         In accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Code, the League shall operate exclusively as a non-profit educational organization providing a supervised program of competitive softball.

·         The fiscal year shall begin on Jan 1 and end on Dec 31.

·         The main funding source of the League is the fee charged each player at registration.

·         All monies received, including auxiliary funds, shall be deposited to the credit of the League.

·         The Board shall not permit the solicitation of funds in the name of Little League Softball, Inc. unless all of the funds so raised are placed in the local League treasury.

·         The Board shall decide all matters pertaining to the finances of the League and shall place all income including auxiliary funds, in a common League treasury, directing the expenditures of funds in such a manner as will give no individual or team an advantage over those in competition with such individual or team.

·         No officer shall receive, directly or indirectly any salary or compensation from the League for services rendered as an Officer.

·         No part of the net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any private share holder or individual.

·         The Board shall not permit the disbursement of funds for other than the conduct of League activities in accordance with the rules, regulations, and policies of Little League Softball, Inc.

·         All checks written require the signatures of both the President and Treasurer of the League.

·         The Board shall disclose all finances of the League at the beginning of each League meeting through presentation of a financial statement that is publicly available upon request to anyone associated with or impacted by the operations of the League.

·         Upon dissolution of the League, the Board shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of the liabilities of the League, dispose of all the assets of the League exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization or organizations under
501(3) of the Internal revenue Code of the 1986 (or corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law), as the Board shall determine. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court of Common Pleas of the county in which the principal office the League is then loaned, exclusively for the purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said court shall determine which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

·         The league is required to provide a yearly financial report to the Board at the Post-Season meeting.















Appendix A           League Boundaries





Appendix B           Request for Sub-League Transfer Form

This form is to be used to request a transfer from one's assigned Team to one of the other

Teams that make up the Penns Valley Girls Little League. It is understood that a valid reason

for transfer must be provided, reviewed, and approved by the Board for such transfer to take

place. Any such request that is denied by the Board signifies that said player must remain with

her assigned Team.



Player Name:                                                                                                  Date:                      




Reason for Transfer Request:













Signature of Parent or Guardian




Request has been Granted I Denied (circle one)                                       Date:



Reason for Denial:
















Signature of Board President


Appendix C            Code of Conduct


In addition to the positive conduct that Little League Softball, Incorporated expects of all of its participants, the Penns Valley Girls Little League has identified some specific guidelines for conduct that it fully expects all participants to adhere to at all times. Failure to abide to such conduct could result in action taken by the Board (see Section 6.2 - Code of Conduct for details) against said individual in violation of one or more of the following guidelines:


1.     Good sportsmanship shall be followed by all at all times.

2.     All participants shall be respectful to all other participants.

3.     At the conclusion of every game, the Players, Managers, and Coaches of each team shall pass through a line congratulating one another on their efforts.

4.     Parents and Guardians shall do their best to have the Players to practice and games on time in support of the Managers and Coaches working with their child. Where situations arise that make this consistently impossible, the Parent or Guardian shall inform the Manager so that he/she is aware of the situation.

5.     All Parents, Guardians and Spectators should respectfully allow the Managers of the participating teams to coach the Players during a game. This is not to discourage one from rooting and encouraging the players on, but more intended at discouraging specific statements that could possibly go against what the Manager is attempting to teach. Normal cheering and encouragement of the players is a positive thing to do.

6.     No negative comments should be directed at Players, Managers, Coaches, Umpires or Spectators at any time.

7.     No use of tobacco or alcohol is permitted on League property.

8.     The use of profanity by a Player, Manager, Coach or Spectator is not acceptable behavior. The use of profanity will constitute removal.

9.     Proper order and discipline shall be maintained by all at all times. Loud, rude behavior or physical confrontation such as pushing or hitting is completely unacceptable.

10.   Players, Managers, and Coaches are the only individuals allowed in the dugout during a game. Should special circumstances arise, approval must 1" be obtained through the Board.

11.   No major food items are allowed in the dugout during a game. In other words, items like bubble gum and sunflower seeds are permissible, but major items like hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream are not permissible.

12.   Players are expected to remain in the dugout during a game.





Signature of Player                                                   Signature of Parent or Guardian





Appendix D           Yearly Activity Schedule



Text Box: Month Activity Chairperson Comments Jan Pre-Season Meeting Board of Directors Vote on all Amendments raised at the Post-Season meeting. Announce Registration Board of Directors Renew Little Leeague Charter & Insurance Conduct Registration Feb Establish # of Teams / Managers Establish Rosters Mar Complete Background Checks Generate League Schedules Name Managers of All-Star Teams Apr May All-Star Invites Conduct All-Star Tryouts Organize Minor / Major Tournament Jun Submit Rosters to Little League Minor / Major League Tournament Name All-Star Players, Coaches Jul All-Star Tournaments Aug Collect Materials from All-Star Coaches Sep Post-Season Meeting  




















Appendix E            Registration Announcement Example

Penns Valley Girls Little League

(Enter current year)





WHEN:              Sun.       Jan 23        1:00 - 2:00 PM

                          Sun.       Jan 30        1:00 - 2:00 PM

WHERE:           TBA

WHO:                Any girl of age 7 to 12 years old

COST:               Minor League Level = $40.00

                     Major League Level = $40.00

                     Each additional child = $40.00







Birth Certificate and Proof of Residence

MUST be presented by EVERYONE















Appendix F            Player Draft Process



This appendix describes the process to be used when a draft is needed in order to form teams; at the discretion of the Board. The intent of this process is to try to ensure that teams are as equal in talent level as possible so as to promote competitive games throughout the season. This is not a perfect process, but if followed, situations where a totally non-competitive team is formed should be avoided.


The steps outlined below are executed by each individual Minor and Major Division, when required. They are not executed across the entire League as a whole.




1.     Each Manager names 1 Coach for the new upcoming season.

2.     Children of the Managers and the Coaches are automatically assigned to their respective teams.

3.     Players are divided into separate groups based on their skill level, competitive with division level.

4.     Each Manager takes a turn drafting a player from the highest rated group of players and then passes the draft onto the next Manager in the order.


a.        Each round of selections should be done in different order to be determined before the draft begins.


b.        If a Manager has more players at the level being drafted than any of the other Managers that draft after him/her in the draft cycle, then that Manager must skip taking a player each time until the other Managers catch up or all players at that level are drafted from the pool.


c.     All siblings playing in the same Division MUST remain on the same team. If this does not occur naturally as part of the draft process, the two Managers of those siblings are expected to work this out. If nothing can be agreed to, the President shall make the final decision to ensure that this requirement is met.


d.     A Manager IS NOT allowed drafting a player from any of the lower rated buckets at any time during the draft process.


Late Registrations:

1.     Each late registrant is added to their appropriate Division, but is not assigned to a team.

2.     After some period of agreed upon time (before uniform orders need to be placed), another mini-draft is executed, as required. This draft should follow the same steps as outlined above.




Appendix G           Equipment Distribution List



Team Name:                                                                                                  


Item Description






























Distribution Date:








Signature of Distributor










Signature of Manager


Collection Date:








Signature of Collector










Signature of Manager




Appendix H           4 Team Bracket

Appendix I             5 Team Bracket


Appendix J             6         Team Bracket

Appendix K           Minor/Major League Tournament Preparation


1.                   Umpires

·         Responsibility lies with: Hosting Team

·         Line up umpires for both behind the plate and on the bases.

·         Determine what the payment per game will be (e.g., $25 behind the plate; $25 on the bases).

·         Create umpire schedules.

·         Acquire umpire equipment from other towns to ensure that there is enough equipment to cover games running in parallel

·         Payments to be made from the League funds.



2.             Bracket Establishment

·         Responsibility lies with: Overall League

·         Call teams and determine overall records (need to establish tie breaker approach).

·         Seat the teams and create tournament brackets.

·         Notify coaches and tell them when their 1st game is to be played.

·         Post brackets at all field sites.



3.             Special Rules

·         Responsibility lies with: Overall League

·         At the present time, we currently do not have any pitching rules.



4.             Field Preparations

·         Responsibility lies with: Hosting Team

·         Identify personnel to prepare the fields prior to each game.

·         Make sure there are enough field markers to line the baselines for all games, equipment available to tend to the fields, etc.



5.             Equipment

·         Responsibility lies with: Overall League

·         Purchase new balls (2 per game + some extras).



6.                   Awards

·         Responsibility lies with: Overall League

·         Purchase Team Trophies for League Champions.

·         Purchase Individual Trophies for players of Tournament Team Place Finishers (1st,2nd, 3rd)



7.             Fund Raising

Responsibility lies with: Hosting Team

·         Identify fund raisers and execute on them.

·         50/50 the easiest to execute and recommended.

·         Proceeds to be kept by the Hosting Team.



8.     Concessions

·         Responsibility lies with: Hosting Team

·         Stand to be organized / stocked / staffed by the Hosting Team.

·         All proceeds remain with the Hosting Team, no money to be passed along to the League.


Appendix L            Complaint Form


This form is to be used to enter a formal complaint with the Penns Valley Girls Little League. Such complaint will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and a plan of action, if any, will be determined and communicated to filer of the complaint. It is understood that the filer of a complaint may be asked to attend a meeting with the Board to further discuss such complaint and other individuals referenced in the complaint may also be present.


Submitter Name:                                                                            Date:                         


Details of Complaint:











                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Signature of Submitter




Date Received:                              


Date Reviewed:                             


Meeting Attendees:  (1)                                                       (4)                                          


                                    (2)                                                       (5)                                          


                                    (3)                                                       (6)                                          


Action Taken / Justification:







                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Signature of Board President


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